30-day course of cleansing the body with Minerol

100 sachets of Minerol for 30 days 100 sachets of Minerol for 30 days

What is included in the course

Minerol is a unique natural DETOX-COMPLEX which includes more than 70 organic minerals.
Minerol is made on the basis of the natural mineral montmorillonite from the
bottom sediments of mollusks and algae from a depth of 70 meters. Minerol is a mild natural
sorbent with an alkaline reaction. Due to its porous structure, it has a high absorbing ability.
It cleanses the blood, liver, blood vessels and the whole body of toxins, preservatives, dyes,
harmful food additives (E), heavy metals and radionuclides. Minerol includes 70 organic
minerals that supplement their deficiency in the body and restore blood pH, thanks to the
powerful potential of alkaline minerals, the share of which in Minerol is more than 70%.
Л. Борисенко,
Е. Стародубцев.
The book

Why do we get sick

It may sound strange, but our body is "designed" in such a way that it can cope with most
diseases on its own. The function of self-regulation is inherent in us by nature! However,
polluted city air, radiation, fragrances, dyes, unbalanced diet, trans fats, poor quality water,
pharmaceuticals and other toxins disrupt this system and slowly destroy us from within.
Some sources claim that a person can consume up to 10 kg of toxic substances and toxins
during the year with food and water!

Any disease has only 3 main causes:

pollution of the body
lack of minerals
acidification of the body

Minerol -
consists of 70 organic minerals of the Precambrian period from mollusks and algae.

Its deficiency accelerates old age, leads to chronic autonomy and provokes oncological disease. The lack of the element causes atherosclerosis, heart
attack, stroke, and stone disease.
The absence of this element leads to a decrease in immunity. In addition to other factors, it provokes hair loss, teeth and nails defects. It causes bone
fragility, the appearance of
growths, consolidations, etc.
Its main function is to regulate
blood sugar. The deficiency of the element provokes diabetes, atherosclerosis, thyroid disorders and decreased
Iron deficiency is among the top
10 health threats according to
WHO. Leads to fatigue,
decreased immunity, provokes
stomach cancer .
Zinc deficiency leads to hair and nail
diseases. It also provokes the risk of skin and neurological diseases.
It is the most important mineral for your heart. Its deficiency provokes numbness of the extremities, frequent headaches, convulsions, caries, and fatigue..
Reduces the risk of cancer by almost 40%
and mortality from them - by 50%.
Protects the liver, skin and muscles from toxins.

Minerol cleanses your body, removes toxins, makes up for mineral deficiencies and alkalizes
the blood. Among other benefits are.

Blood purification
Blood purification
Cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract
Cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract
Normalization of blood pressure
Normalization of blood pressure
Strengthening of vessel walls
Strengthening of vessel walls
Liver cleansing
Liver cleansing
Complete mineral nutrition
Complete mineral nutrition
Restoration of joints and bones
Restoration of joints and bones
Stabilization of sugar level
Stabilization of sugar level

Minerol has already saved thousands of people

Consumer reviews are provided in the original language.
Do you know any remedy that has had an entire book published about it with customers'
reviews? Read them and you will surely find many stories similar to yours !

What is Minerol necessary for

Select a disease from the list to learn about the effect of Minerol and get advice on how to
take it
Mechanism of Minerol’s action:
Because Minerol is a source of silicon, it strengthens blood vessel walls, removes excess
bad cholesterol and normalizes blood formula. It promotes the production of
alpha-cholesterol (so-called good cholesterol, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis).
Research results :
  • For 21 days of taking Minerol, the result of our study showed a 2-fold reduction in
    cholesterol and a 3-fold reduction in the risk of atherosclerosis
  • The number of erythrocytes and the level of hemoglobin increased, which indicates a positive effect on the cells of the hematopoietic system
  • Liver and biliary tract functions were normalized
  • The potential of the immune system has increased and the level of slagging of the body has decrease
  • A study conducted on chickens found a reduction in total cholesterol and a reduction in fat deposition by almost 2 times
Минерол гипертония
Recommendations for use:
If you have high cholesterol, take Minerol 2-3 times a day with water 40 ° - 45 ° C half an hour before meals with mandatory cholesterol control.
Mechanism of Minerol’s action:
ARTHRITIS, ARTHROSIS and other problems of the skeletal system
The main role in the normalization of the musculoskeletal system is played by the most
important natural property of Minerol - a high level of alkaline elements, which is 77%. This
contributes to the rapid restoration of acid-base balance in the body during its use.Variouscurvatures in extremities, consolidations, and "bumps'' disappear. Minerol relieves bone
pain, normalizes emotional state, and, very importantly, leads to a reduction and even
complete disappearance of heartburn. This list provides only some positive changes in the
body when taking Minerol. Silicon is an extremely vital element of Minerol, which helps to
restore bone and connective tissue. Calcium can not be absorbed without the right level of
silicon in your body.
Research results :
  • The first study. Biological adjustment. In patients with osteoarthritis on the background of osteochondrosis of the spine and rheumatoid arthritis (Bogomolets National Medical
    University), when taking Minerol for 14 days (5g 2 times a day), it reduced the symptoms of synovitis for the first 4-6 days, without Minerol for 8-9 days;
Recommendations for use:
For arthritis and any other bone pain, take Minerol 2-3 times a day with water 40 °- 45 ° C
half an hour before meals (1 teaspoon per 150-200 ml of water).
Mechanism of Minerol’s action:
Due to the naturally balanced mineral composition, including the presence of such essential
elements as chromium, sulfur, iodine, iron, selective sorption and alkalinization, the use of
Minerol leads to normalization of weight, which is a unique side effect in healing the whole
Research results :
  • Studies have shown that when Minerol is used, lipid metabolism is normalized,
    including in animal experiments, a 2-fold decrease in the amount of visceral fat
    compared to the control was found.
  • A decrease in the deposition of fat in the body, including visceral fat, was also found
    in patients who took Minerol inside and in a form of wrap.
  • .
  • The following mechanisms are involved in the regulation of weight, which includes
    taking Minerol, contributing to a state of self-regulation.
Recommendations for use:
In the weight correction program, take Minerol 6 times a day 30 minutes before and 30
minutes after each meal (4g per serving). Before eating, mix Minerol in 150-200 ml of water
40 ° - 45 ° C, and after a meal - in 50 ml of water of the same temperature. Course duration -
30 days on the background of an alkaline diet (30% of products with acid reaction, 70% -with alkaline) with individual selection of food (by date of birth). Then take Minerol 2-3 times
daily before meals with the same principle of nutrition.
Mechanism of Minerol’s action:
The effect of lowering blood sugar level is achieved due to the presence of a mineral
element - chromium. It is this element that binds insulin to the receptor areas of cell
membranes, through which it carries glucose and amino acids into the cell. The selective
sorption properties of Minerol and its ability to alkalize the body also play a significant role in
lowering the level of sugar in your blood.
Research results :
  • Studies on the use of Minerol in the sugar reduction program have shown that its use
    has contributed to the rapid improvement of the general condition of patients with
    type 2 diabetes. In almost 100% of patients with type 2 diabetes, blood sugar levels
    tended to decrease. In 60%, the sugar level returned to normal in 56 days. And 15
    days after stopping the use of Minerol, the sugar level did not rise (Diabetes Center
    of Shevchenkivskyi district, Kyiv).
  • In another experiment (Bogomolets National Medical University) in patients with
    rheumatoid arthritis in combination with osteoarthritis of the large joints and
    concomitant type 2 diabetes on the background of antidiabetic drugs, blood sugar
    was 18.5 mmol/l. 7 days after taking Minerol, the sugar level was 6.6 mmol/l, after 12
    days - 5.6 mmol/l. In the control group, the sugar remained at 18.5 mmol/l.
  • In another experiment (Clinic for Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of
    Ukraine) when using Minerol once a day for 10 days in patients with diabetes, the
    sugar level decreased by 2 -5 mmol/l.
Минерол диабет
Recommendations for use:
For type 2 diabetes, take Minerol 2-3 times a day with water at 40°- 45°C half an hour before
meals (1 tsp per 150-200 ml of water) with the obligatory control of blood sugar and a
gradual decrease in the dose for hypoglycemic drugs and insulin.
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15 Clinical Studies

  • National Scientific Center "M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology"
  • Scientific Center for Radiation Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences of
  • National Medical University. O.O. Bogomolets
  • Clinic of scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Diabetes center of Shevchenkivskyi district of Kiev
  • Central City Hospital of Armyansk
  • Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy
years of research
50 000
people have taken Minerol course
positive feedback
countries where Minerol is used

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  • get rid of chronic diseases
  • have a clear head
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  • save energy and health
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It is not a medicinal product.
Please carefully read the instructions before use.
Individuals with constipation and those taking prescribed medications should consult their
physician before using this product.
Any contraindications are absent.
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